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Whether you currently have in-house IT, are in-house IT or looking for a fully managed IT solution, NetTech has an offering that will exceed your expectations.

Network Stability via Technology Planning

Investing in technology combined with technology planning is key to your company’s success by keeping your employees productive.  This allows you to avoid constant outages by proper refreshes and planning.  At NetTech we are your partners in technology, investing in the future of your business and keeping you on the latest technology path.

Meet your IT department

Your dedicated virtual network manager is your point person for all technology related IT needs.
Your dedicated consultant provides you guidance during quarterly technology planning reviews.
Monitoring and management of all of your network operations.
First response support for your day to day technology needs.
24x7x365 Remote and Onsite Support
IT support there for you when you need it. Call and speak with a technician, send an email for support, or log into your company's web portal.
Patch Management
Keeping your PCs and Desktops up to date while maintaining availability with our patch management best practices and automated white-listing.
IT Intelligence
Monthly or on demand reports help us stay on top of support trends.
Managed Disaster Recovery
When an IT disaster strikes, are you prepared? Rest assured with constant testing of your Disaster Recovery System.
Customized Cloud Solutions
We have the unique capability of customizing cloud solutions for your company. With experts on staff in Citrix, VMWare, Office 365 and more.
Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance
Rest easy knowing your systems are always on and always available monitored by our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC).
Asset Management
Keep track of all your IT assets in one easy place. Pull reports at any time to show you what you have and who is using it.
Threat Protection
Utilizing a multilayered threat protection system, we'll keep you ahead of the hackers and malware to secure your sensitive data.
Managed Backups
Ensure your data backups run smoothly and that you can rely on them when you need them.
Expert Advice
All accounts are assigned their own consultant who will help with budgeting, new technology initiatives and more to ensure your company is on the right technology path.


When your IT staff devotes the majority of their time to keeping everything running, little time remains for projects that could boost internal operations, improve client service and support new business opportunities. It’s an evolving, living system and will always be a cost of doing business. Many companies learn how to convert some of that cost into a competitive advantage.


For some small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing all your IT challenges may be the best solution. For others, augmenting and complementing your existing IT team is the best, most cost-effective plan. Thinking through the benefits of both helps you determine which option, or possibly a combination of the two, best serves your business.


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