Computer technology is always changing, but one thing that remains the same is an organization’s need to have a network support partner to avoid downtime in their business operation. Whether you’re battling slow server network systems, dealing with a lack of backup systems or you want to upgrade your existing computer systems, we can solve your IT computer problems.

We bring stability to your network systems by providing you with a proactive maintenance program. With this program, we’ll always monitor your systems to ensure everything is working effectively and efficiently. We will also perform maintenance on your systems at pre-determined intervals to help reduce network downtime.

Some of our network support and computer support services include the following:

On-site support
On-site repairs
Remote assistance
On-site training
Hardware support
Analyze, troubleshoot and evaluate network systems

We understand that the needs of your business are different. NetTech Consultants, Inc. will analyze your situation and create a solution that is personalized to your needs. Do you have any inquiries regarding our network support services? Do not hesitate to contact us today!


NetTech Consultants, Inc. offers IT professional network support solutions. In addition to computer support and IT related support services, we can bring additional value to your company by being a complete network solution partner.

On-site or remote support for laptops, desktops and networks can be provided for small or large businesses on a short and long-term basis. We are your go-to network support professionals. From real estate offices, hospitals, to large manufacturing companies, NetTech Consultants, Inc. can help with:

Laptop, desktop, mobile setup and software installation
Networking for everything from printers to servers
Firewalls, routers, and virus and malware protection
Ongoing hardware support and troubleshooting
IT continuity planning, data backup and disaster recovery
Server installation, consolidation, integration, monitoring and hosting

Our skilled and experienced network experts will work with you to evaluate your IT needs, develop solutions, and implement a strategy that is based on your budget and requirements. Our objective is to be your trusted network partner.

NetTech Consultants, Inc. endeavors to do this by leveraging new technologies, developing strong relationships with our clients and focusing on providing exceptional service. If you’re ready to stop worrying about your network issues and you want to concentrate on your business, contact us today for a consultation. We will be there for you anytime you need us!